Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gray matters

Welcome readers!! Here goes my first blog!
Brain is one of the most mysterious and important organs of our body.  All we know is that it is an organ that makes us human, so to say, allows us to sense the world, keeps the vital functions active, maintains balance and co-ordination, helps us to act, remember and rationalize. Weighing about 1.4 kilograms in an average adult, it has some 100 billion neurons that are somehow able to synchronize themselves in order to support life.
Needless to say, it has been most difficult to decode the workings of this sophisticated device.
However, the never say die attitude of many eminent people have led us to develop some insight into the underlying mechanisms of the human brain.
All said and done, lets dip into the vast world of interesting and mysterious topics about the human brain (or 'gray matters') and try to understand more about ourselves.

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